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Hi Denise,

Yikes! Just as Dennis and Michael stated, this idea is ripe with potential pitfalls. If the tests are used to make selection decisions and they have adverse impact; problems could arise without validation. Dennis and Michael point out the likelihood of adverse impact with math tests, but I've also seen many data entry tests that result in adverse effects on minority candidates.

Too bad you don't have funding to do at least minimal levels of validation work so that you can offer competency-based valid exams outside of safety forces. I like to give stakeholders alternatives. It's sounds like the best alternative is to encourage managers to advocate for your team to be funded appropriately. It's a long-term solution, but at least it's a solution. The agency may be thinking about the pennies they are saving by not funding you at appropriate levels, but at what cost?


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Hi Elizabeth!
Our professionally-developed, validated tests are currently only used for enforcement-type positions and for promotional exams. These tests are 100 questions or so, administered by HR staff and reviewed for reliability, adverse impact, etc. The hiring managers in question are requesting to create their own, quick ad-hoc tests to ensure the applicants they are interviewing are truly qualified. These tests would not be developed by HR and no analysis would be performed to see if the test is discriminatory (for example). We don't plan on validating this test as we don't have the means or funds to do so. The hiring managers don't see this as comparable to a correctional officer exam or police officer exam since in their eyes, it's just a quick test to see if someone knows addition, subtraction, basic algebra, etc.
I hope that clarifies further!
Thank you again.

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Is there a reason these tests can't be validated for the job(s)?

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New here so thank you in advance for your patience and assistance!

My question is regarding data entry tests. Can an employer test for skills like data entry or math without using a validated test? We have managers that want to give a data entry test for positions that key in tax forms and another manger that wants to give a math test for Engineering Technician candidates where knowledge of basic math is a job requirement. These tests are not administered/proctored by HR, rather they wish to provide them at the time of interview (almost like a writing exercise).

Please advise,

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