[IPAC-List] Asking SMEs to evaluate the representativeness of a test, as a whole?

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SMEs normally rate each test item.  Test security is major concern.  Must prevent SMEs from leaking exam questions to candidates.  This has been a problem in police depts.  One solution is to use SMEs from other police depts in same state.  If SMEs from same dept are used, they must be high-ranking officials who sign nondisclosure agreement, with severe penalty for violation.  Dept should also have general order that prohibits cheating on promotional exams, with severe penalty for violation.  I have had no problem with promotional exams I have developed following these procedures.



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Has anyone asked SMEs to evaluate or rate the representativeness of the content of a promotional exam?

I would be interested in learning how that was done and how it worked out.

Thank you.




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