[Hackrf-dev] release 2014.08.1

Michael Ossmann mike at ossmann.com
Thu Aug 28 15:11:19 EDT 2014

Release 2014.08.1 is tagged in git with packages available for download


HackRF 2014.08.1 Release Notes

To upgrade to this release, you must update libhackrf and hackrf-tools on your
host computer.  You must also update firmware and the CPLD.  It is important to
update both the firmware and the CPLD for this release to work properly.  If
you only update one or the other, you may experience an inverted baseband

For a complete list of changes, see the git log.  Highlights include:

- HackRF now uses high side injection when tuning to frequencies below 2150
  MHz.  This significantly reduces images on both RX and TX that resulted from
  harmonics of the front-end local oscillator.  If you ever wondered why you
  were picking up broadcast FM stations at frequencies well outside the FM
  broadcast band, they were probably such images.

- A CLKIN firmware bug was fixed.  The bug prevented switching to the external
  clock source.  Switching now works automatically at the start of every TX or
  RX operation.  If a clock signal is detected on CLKIN, that external source
  is used.  If a clock signal is not detected on CLKIN, the internal crystal is

- hackrf_transfer now has a signal source mode that transmits a CW signal.
  Thanks, dovecho!

- The optional udev rules file was moved from hackrf-tools to libhackrf.

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