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Mark Hammer Mark.Hammer at psc-cfp.gc.ca
Thu Jan 22 16:08:37 EST 2009

While not as broad in scope, I am happy to report that my co-workers here in Canada recently produced a report too! http://www.psc-cfp.gc.ca/adt-vrf/rprt/2008/edu-sco/index-eng.htm

Mark Hammer

>>> "Bryan Baldwin" <Bryan.Baldwin at doj.ca.gov> 22/01/2009 3:58 pm >>>

For any of you interested in workforce demographics and HR metrics, the Center for State and Local Government Excellence has posted a paper titled "The Public Sector Workforce - Past, Present, and Future" available at this site: www.slge.org (check out items under "Features").

Some tidbits:

- the public sector workforce tends to be more educated than the private sector's
- job opening and turnover rates tend to be lower in the public sector

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