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Might some fail for additional reasons?

- Some incumbents might not have been tested
- Incumbents might not have been tested on exactly the same constructs that the new test assesses
- The constructs might be weighted differently in the new test compared to the old one
- Scores might be used differently: compensatory versus non-compensatory use,

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>>> Lance Seberhagen <sebe at erols.com> 27/01/2009 2:18 pm >>>

You would normally expect all incumbent Sergeants to pass a new
promotional exam for Sergeant, but there are a number of possible
exceptions. For example:

1. The new Sgt exam is not valid for the job of Sgt.

2. The old Sgt exam was not valid for the job of Sgt.

3. The new Sgt exam is discriminatory.

4. The old Sgt exam was discriminatory.

5. The Sgt job has changed, resulting in new job requirements.

6. The Police Dept raised its standards for Sgts.

7. Some Sgt incumbents became disabled, affecting their test performance.

8. HR made errors in test administration and scoring, causing some Sgt
incumbents to fail.

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Joel Wiesen wrote:

> Hi,


> Let me clarify the question.


> It asks about a situation in which current, experienced, incumbent

> Sergeants study for and take a new exam for Sergeant.


> Thx.


> Joel



> Joel Wiesen wrote:


>> What percent of experienced, incumbent municipal Police Sergeants

>> would you expect to pass a typical, reasonable promotional written

>> test for Sergeant (i.e., a test based on knowledges and abilities

>> related to important/frequent tasks)?


>> And what is the reasoning behind your estimate?


>> Thx.


>> Joel



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