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Thanks to those who sent comments, here is what I've received:

1 vote for 1.5
2 votes for 2.0
1 vote for 2.5 (for selection purposes, with 3.0 for Ess Function/job
1 vote for 3.0 (plus the other split vote for Ess Function purposes)

On the % side of what is considered "most incumbents", 1 vote for 51%, 1
vote for 67%, and one person said essential functions may only be
performed by 1 person (thus making it essential...no backup) so don't use
a %. Had a good comment from someone suggesting I change the top anchor
from Essential to something else, otherwise it kind of boxes you in to say
you need 4.0 to be an essential function. I received other good
suggestions on changing the wording and/or scales on some factors.

Historically we have used a mean rating of 2.33 to include a task
statement (I don't have the background on that) so I think we are in the
ballpark. Thanks for the feedback.

PS: not sure if any of you are using Surveymonkey.com to conduct your job
analysis surveys, but it's kind of cool and really easy to set up and use.
Try the link below, the questions are required so you'll need to answer
them in order to see the various pages (it's OK to play...this is just a
test area). We are still in a draft stage but you get the idea of how it
might work. It costs $200 a year for full use of their survey functions.
We use the account for a lot of other employee surveys as well. A great
feature is that we don't have to crunch numbers much at the end. This may
not work for all jobs but we hope to use for a lot.


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Job analysis ratings brain teaser

Consider the scale below relating to task importance. Generally speaking,
what mean rating would use to call a task/competency "important"
(practically speaking, at what cutoff would you say it's OK to include the
task as an essential function on a job description, and/or target this
content for a written exam, assuming that the skills are needed upon entry
to the class and time spent performing task is adequate). 2.0? 2.33?
2.5? other? Why?

Also, if you were to say "In order to include the task, most incumbents
must perform the task", what % would you use to say "most" perform
it...51%? 67% 75%?
I realize there aren't hard/fast rules, and any 'cutoff' would be a
guideline...just wanted a reality check, thanks.

0 - Not Important / Not Performed - it is not necessary for an employee
to perform this or possess this competency to have acceptable performance
in this class;

1 - Somewhat Important - it is desirable, but not critical, for an
employee to perform this or possess this competency.

2 - Important - it is important for an employee to perform this or possess
this competency, and failure to possess this usually indicates an overall
performance problem.

3 - Very Important - not performing or possessing this would have a
negative effect on overall job performance; this is a major requirement
and reason that this job exists.

4 - Essential - it is extremely critical that the employee possess this
competency; failure to possess this competency would result in
unacceptable overall job performance.

Keith Poole
Personnel Supervisor
City of Phoenix Personnel Dept
Employment Services
(602) 261-8861
keith.poole at phoenix.gov

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