[IPAC-List] differential validity?

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Don't really have enough info for any firm conclusion, but possibility
exists the results are an artifact of range restriction in the international
non-Cauc. and female education variable. N'est pas?


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For those more statistically minded, perhaps a comment on the
statistics/analysis results?

The authors used a "regression-based moderator search" and came up with
the following results for the aforementioned education level-task
performance results:

Proportion of women: k=91, Beta = -.20 (p<.05), explained variance:
Proportion of racial minority: k=36, Beta = -.22 (p<.10), explained
variance: .05

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>>> Joel Wiesen <wiesen at personnelselection.com> 3/16/2009 5:26 AM >>>

What do you think of this apparent support for differential validity
(from a recent Personnel Psych article)?

Might it imply that education is problematic as selection tool when the

applicant group includes minorities and/or women? Would it imply that

an education requirement may be unfair to minorities and/or women?


"Finally, Hypothesis 6 predicted that the education-performance
relationship will be stronger for men (vs. women; Hypothesis 6a) and
Caucasians (vs. non-Caucasians; Hypothesis 6b). With respect to the
relationship between education level and task performance, we found
the relationship was more positive for Caucasians than for other racial

groups and for men than for women. Further, we found that the
relationship between education and OCB was more positive for Caucasians

than for other racial groups. These results provide some support for
Hypothesis 6a and Hypothesis 6b."

PERSONNEL PSYCHOLOGY, 2009, 62, 89*134
THOMAS W. H. NG; University of Hong Kong
DANIEL C. FELDMAN; University of Georgia

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