[IPAC-List] Does the day you take an oral exam matter? - Killing the Mess...

RPClare at aol.com RPClare at aol.com
Thu Apr 2 09:13:43 EDT 2009

I have some interesting anecdotes including small # data on folks who,
through deception, took the same test twice and post test applicant perception
that I never followed up on. I do want to chip in with two observations:
First, while police are special, I've had similar experiences with Social
workers and accountant/auditors.
Second, while there is some distrust of testing, I believe it is more about
how the results are manipulated and used rather than the testing itself. While
cops usually don't trust non-cops to have much to do with their
selection/promotion, they also don't trust police command. That is a major reason for
their drive (and Firefighters) to have contractual "rule of the list".
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