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The interesting thing that I've found is that after we provide Candidate
orientation, some candidates express that they trust us (an outside
consulting firm) more than their own hierarchy! Transparency and
understanding is big component in alleviating candidate skepticism of

Perhaps it's basic psychology, but I'd love to see some data on
candidates' perceived testing experiences with, and without, candidate
orientation; my money is on that they would be significantly higher with
an orientation that helped the candidate's understanding of the process
and what to expect. The bottom line would be reducing the likelihood
and cost of grievances. The tricky part would be collecting the data
without social monitoring errors (i.e., I better say I liked it because
it might impact my results)

A couple more pennies to throw in the till.


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I have some interesting anecdotes including small # data on folks who,
through deception, took the same test twice and post test applicant
that I never followed up on. I do want to chip in with two observations:
First, while police are special, I've had similar experiences with
workers and accountant/auditors.
Second, while there is some distrust of testing, I believe it is more
how the results are manipulated and used rather than the testing itself.
cops usually don't trust non-cops to have much to do with their
selection/promotion, they also don't trust police command. That is a
major reason for
their drive (and Firefighters) to have contractual "rule of the list".
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