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Mark, in my experience in doing this line of work is that if jobs are open
and someone needs either a better salary (and benefits) or it is the first
"real" job a younger individual can attain, issues like you mention are
overlooked (or at least rationalized to some degree to feel ok applying).

Just my experience...


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There are presently two major inquests in two of Canada's largest cities
(Montreal and Vancouver), involving wrongful (or at least questionable)
civilian deaths at the hands of law enforcement officers.

Do people experience a downturn in application numbers for public sector
positions, whether law enforcement, other public safety, or any other public
sector positions, when there is a scandal or sour incident of some type? I
know that a report in the period following 09/11 had noted a resurgence of
interest and confidence in the public service. I was just wondering if
negative incidents have an impact only on public trust, or whether the
impact is also manifested in number and quality of applicants as well.

Or is this one of those things that is too bound up in regional job/labour
market differences to be discernible with any degree of accuracy?

Mark Hammer

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