[IPAC-List] selection validation question

Megan Paul mpaul2 at unlserve.unl.edu
Thu May 28 15:03:34 EDT 2009

I am currently considering the use of a commercially available selection
tool (vendor and tool shall rename nameless). An in-house
criterion-related validation study was done on the test many years ago,
but the test was never implemented. The job has since changed enough
that I would not feel comfortable implementing the test on the basis of
the old results.

When I recently spoke with the one of the company's consultants and said
that I wanted to do another criterion-related validity study, this time
using their assistance with analyses, I was told that the research
process needed to start with a job analysis and validity generalization
research (both done by said company and requiring a significant amount
of time on their part and my client's). The criterion-related validation
is apparently considered a "follow-up" to all the other work. When I
said I only wanted to do the criterion-related validation portion (a
simple and quick concurrent validation), she told me that the company
has to do the job analysis and validity generalization first, because
"that's what the Uniform Guidelines require."

There's a lot I could say here, but I will just start with a question.

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