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When I was with State of RI, we explored and opted not to. Issues relating to the impact on minority candidates, waivers for folks on unemployment or other "welfare-type" programs, hard to recruit professions (scientists, engineers, etc.) and the cost of handling payments (receipt, follow-up, records) all factored into the decision not to charge. Some folks even suggested that if we charge, we should have list expire quickly to gain more fees (budget folks idea). Perhaps with larger volume the issues shift but new issues could include charging for paper apps but free online.
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Our agency is exploring the idea of implementing an application fee
and/or a fee to participate in all or a portion of the examination
process (such as the performance test for skilled trades and police).
Are any of your agencies currently using a fee system? If so, any
information as to amount of the fee, at which steps the fee is assessed
(upon application, for the written test, for each test, etc.), what to
do with questions of inability to pay, etc. would be very helpful.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

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