[IPAC-List] Use of Application and/or Examination Fees

Morris, Ramona (JUS) Ramona.Morris at ontario.ca
Mon Jul 20 15:38:17 EDT 2009

In Ontario, Canada, most police services subscribe to the "Constable
Selection System" whereby an applicant does one set of physical and
cognitive tests for a fee of (as I recall) about $200. They can then
use the same test results for the fifty or so police services. I believe
the test results are good for two years, and there are rules about how
soon one can re-do or re-write any component.

It was felt that this would limit the burden on applicants. They
typically will apply to several services and would have to do the same
or similar tests for each service. The police services also know that
the applicants have all been tested to the same standards by the testing

Some services have a provision to assist candidates for which the fee
would be a hardship but I don't know that any candidate has ever taken
up the offer.

Ramona Morris

Research and Evaluation Unit

Ontario Police College


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