[IPAC-List] Angoff method of setting pass points - how manyminimally competent candidates pass at a given pass point?

Mark Hammer Mark.Hammer at psc-cfp.gc.ca
Mon Jul 20 16:50:40 EDT 2009

Question: Is it reasonable to suggest that scores on any test should be maximally reliable at the pass-mark? And if so, how would you demonstrate that?

E.G., on a tool where the scores could range between 1 and 100, if the pass mark was 60, do I care about the reliability of scores below, say 30, the way I care about the reliability of scores between 57 and 63?

This would be most particularly the case where the tool in question is used as an initial screen before applying one or more other (more labour intensive and costly) tools. One would think that someone who misses by a point, or squeaks through by a point, does so for all the right reasons.

Mark Hammer

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