[IPAC-List] Adding bonus points to exam scores of city residents

Van Atta, Nancy Nancy.VanAtta at cityofdayton.org
Tue Nov 3 12:26:45 EST 2009

The City of Dayton no longer has a residency requirement for City
employees, but we are considering adding bonus points to exam scores of
city residents. We would like to know who on the list is already doing
this or knows of cities that are. We would also be interested in
members' views of the pros and cons of awarding such points whether or
not they are doing so themselves.

Many thanks for all responses. Please indicate if you want your response
to be anonymous and email me directly, if so.

(Forgive me if this issue is discussed in an archive; currently our
persnickety filter is blocking the parts of the IPAC site.)

Nancy Van Atta

Employment Analyst

City of Dayton Civil Service Board

nancy.vanatta at cityofdayton.org


937-333-2125 (Fax)

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