[IPAC-List] Assessment Council Newsletter (ACN) - Call for submissions

Jayanthi Polaki jpolaki at mdta.state.md.us
Mon Feb 1 15:15:25 EST 2010

Call for submissions to the Assessment Council Newsletter (ACN)

The ACN is the official newsletter of the International Personnel
Assessment Council, an association of individuals actively engaged in or
contributing to the professional, academic, and practical field of
personnel research and assessment. It serves as a source of information
about significant activities of the Council, a medium of dialogue and
information exchange among members, a method for dissemination of
research findings and a forum for the publication of letters and
articles of general interest.

I serve as the editor of the ACN, which is now published on a quarterly
basis: March, June, September, and December. Respective closing dates
for submissions are February 26, May 1, August 1, and November 1.

Submissions for Publication: Prospective authors are invited to send in
their articles, research reports, reviews, reactions, discussion papers,
conference reports, etc., pertaining to the field of personnel research
and assessment. Topics for submission include, but are not limited to:

o Technical

o Practical - lessons learned, best practices

o Legal

o Technology/Tools

o Statistics/Measurement

o Book reviews

o HR-related cartoons (with permission to copy)

The deadline for the 2010 March ACN is February 26, 2010.

Articles and information for inclusion should be submitted directly to
the editor via e-mail, at jpolaki at mdta.state.md.us. Articles will be
accepted only by electronic submission (Word compatible). Submissions
should be written according to the Publication Manual of the American
Psychological Association, 5th edition. The editor has the prerogative
to make minor changes (typographical/grammatical errors, format, etc.);
substantial changes will be discussed with the author. Submissions more
than 1500 words should include an abstract of maximum 100 words,
preferably with three keywords.

If you have questions or need further information, please don't hesitate
to contact me.

I look forward to receiving your submissions!

Best Regards,


Jayanthi Polaki



jpolaki at mdta.state.md.us <mailto:jpolaki at mdta.state.md.us>

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