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Crenshaw, Jeffrey crenshawj at PBJCAL.ORG
Thu Feb 4 11:58:50 EST 2010

The Personnel Board of Jefferson County is seeking a couple of assessors
to assist with evaluating a selection test administered for a Senior
Assessment & Development Specialist position within our organization.
Presented below is information regarding the organization, the target
job, and the assessment process. If you are interested in potentially
serving as an assessor, please contact me by phone or email (contact
information located at the bottom of this message). Thanks for your
time and consideration.

The Organization:

The assessment process is being conducted by the Personnel Board of
Jefferson County (www.pbjcal.org <http://www.pbjcal.org/> ) located in
Birmingham, Alabama. The organization is a public sector human
resources consulting provider for 18 cities and five government agencies
within Jefferson County, Alabama. The organization provides
classification & compensation, training & development, personnel records
management, employee relations, career planning & development, employee
recruitment, and employee selection services to each of the 23
government entities located in Jefferson County. The focus of the
current process is on a position that currently provides employee
selection expertise to those government entities.

The Job:

The assessment process for which we are seeking assistance in candidate
evaluation is for the job of Senior Assessment & Development Specialist.
This job is a first line supervisor position. The position oversees a
team of 4-5 Masters and/or PhD level Industrial/Organizational
Psychologists in the development and administration of selection tests
for positions within the cities or government agencies served by the
Personnel Board. Provided below is a quick list of the primary
responsibilities of Senior Assessment & Development Specialists:

* Coordinating with customers to identify specific employment

* Managing and planning the job analysis, test development, and
large scale test administration processes for approximately 250 job
classes across 23 cities and government agencies

* Prioritizing and assigning projects to subordinate staff

* Coaching, guiding, and directing Assessment & Development
Specialists in proper job analysis and test development procedures

* Conducting statistical analyses to determine the
appropriateness of the psychometric properties of test exercises and

* Reviewing work products and providing feedback to project
team members

* Carrying out validation studies and conducting research
related to job analysis and employee selection

* Coordinating, scheduling, and facilitating subject matter
expert focus group meetings

* Researching employment laws and scientific studies relating
to employment testing

* Developing policies and procedures governing the test
development, administration, and scoring processes

* Developing and conducting training programs for subject
matter experts and test assessors

* Observing and documenting performance level of subordinate
staff and conducting performance feedback sessions

Assessor Requirements:

The Personnel Board is seeking assessors for this process who meet the
following qualifications:

* Master's degree (or higher) in Industrial & Organizational

* Experience conducting job analysis

* Experience developing, administering, scoring, and validating
assessment centers

* Preferred - Experience supervising or leading a small group
of test develop staff (e.g., 2 to 3)

The Test:

We are currently seeking to fill one position in the job outlined above.
The candidates are 12 internal staff members (individuals with Masters
or Ph.D.s in I/O Psychology and experience conducting job analyses and
developing tests). The actual test has already been administered. The
test consists of a structured interview (containing some elements of
work samples [e.g., reviewing SPSS output and making appropriate
determination based on the information provided]). The test was a
video-based structured interview. Candidates were presented interview
questions via a video monitor. They provided oral responses to these
questions. The candidates' oral responses were video recorded.
Assessors will view those video recordings and provide ratings of
candidate performance using behaviorally-anchored rating scales.

The Assessment Process:

Our goal is to have each candidate evaluated by a diverse panel of two
or three assessors meeting the requirements listed above. Assessors
will be trained on the assessment process, including the test
administered and the rating scales to be used for evaluation. Once
trained, Assessors will view a video recording of candidate performance
on a given question and then, using the pre-established rating scales,
make an independent rating of the candidate's performance. After all
assessors have evaluated performance on that question, the assessors
will discuss their ratings and come to a consensus rating. The
assessment will be conducted at the Personnel Board's assessment center
facility in Birmingham, Alabama.

The Dates of the Assessment:

The assessment is planned for February 16 and 17, 2010. The selected
assessor would need to travel to Birmingham on February 15, 2010. It is
expected that the assessor would be able to return the evening February
17, 2010.

Pay and Expenses:

Unfortunately as a government agency under tight budget constraints, we
are unable to pay assessors for their time assisting us with the
assessment. For our assessment processes we rely on volunteers. The
Personnel Board would cover all expenses regarding travel and hotel
stay. Flight (if needed) and hotel arrangements will be made and paid
for in advance by the Personnel Board. Individuals who would drive to
the assessment would be reimbursed at $.405/mile. Individuals who would
fly to the assessment would be reimbursed for travel to and from the
airport (including mileage or taxi reimbursement) and airport parking
(if applicable). A shuttle from the airport to the hotel and back will
be provided. Hotel stay will be with the Tutwiler Hotel
(http://www.thetutwilerhotel.com/) in downtown Birmingham. Assessors
will be reimbursed a per diem to cover meals at $42 per day flat rate.
Although the Personnel Board is unable to pay for your time and
services, we will be more than willing to reciprocate in assisting you
and/or your organization for any similar needs you may have in the


Jeffrey Crenshaw, Ph.D.

Industrial & Organizational Psychologist | Personnel Board of Jefferson
2121 Rev. Abraham Woods, Jr. Blvd | Birmingham, AL 35203
Email: <blocked::mailto:crenshawj at pbjcal.org> crenshawj at pbjcal.org |
Phone: 205.279.3566 | Fax: 205.279.3567
Organizational website: <blocked::http://www.pbjcal.org/>
www.pbjcal.org | Employment website:
<blocked::http://www.jobsquest.org/> www.jobsquest.org

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