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Neither have I hit the current research, but I am aware of some of the legal
issues. Still . . . are we saying that some level of fast/strong is "good
enough" rather then more of those being better? As in: Must have sufficient
strength and speed to extract an unconscious victim from a burning
builiding, including a single flight of stairs, prior to the victim
exceeding medium-rare. Candidates may substitute one year experience for
each degree of victim doneness, up to but not exceeding medium-well.

Ya know, I'm thinking I could care less the gender of the firefighter who
shows up at my burning house, but I want the strongest, fastest one, with
the best combination of judgment, agility and bravery. (and a number of
other competencies we know are important)

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On Sun, Mar 14, 2010 at 10:40 AM, Joel Wiesen <
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> Perhaps an ideal physical performance test for firefighter would:

> - be safe

> - reflect job tasks

> - provide a basis for ranking applicants, and

> - not have undue adverse impact on women.


> What existing tests best approximate this ideal?


> Thanks.


> Joel



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