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I advised a consortium of manufacturing companies in the Richmond VA area
who were exploring the use of the ACT Work Keys tests. Some of these tests
appear to be the tests associated with the Career Readiness Certificate. I
don’t think the certificate existed at that time.

I liked two things about the Work Keys program.

First, the job applicants had to pay for the testing which was conducted at
local community colleges. This saved the employers time and money. The
community colleges offered courses for those applicants who did not score
high enough for available job openings.

Second, the employers could place their minimum Work Keys test scores in
their job ads. Thus, applicants who did not have those minimum scores did
not apply (assuming they could read and understand the ad). This should
substantially reduce race-based adverse impact in the company’s hiring,
because most all applicants who would apply met the minimum score

I did not review the job analysis procedure. However, it can’t be too
complicated. The descriptions of each Work Key test score band were very
clear concerning what skills needed to be mastered to pass at that level. It
would be relatively easy for a SME to identify the maximal level of each
test that would correspond to their job.

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On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 1:08 PM, Fisher, Christine (DOT) <
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> Greetings! I am wondering if any of you have considered using the Job

> Profiling Method and ACT Career Readiness Certificate for pre-employment

> testing? What was your evaluation of the job analysis? What was your

> evaluation of the test (ACT Career Readiness Certificate has three parts)?

> Thank you in advance, Christine


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