[IPAC-List] Assessment of general office skills

Patrick McCoy Patrick.McCoy at psc-cfp.gc.ca
Wed Mar 24 15:37:21 EDT 2010

I am hoping that some of you might be able to lead me in the right direction on a few items concerning the assessment of general office skills among administrative support/clerical staff. We are most interested in paper-and-pencil or computer administered tests that would be appropriate for use in high volume situations. The questions that come to mind at this point (admittedly not having read as much as I would like) are as follows:

- What tests are commonly used in staffing administrative support positions in the public service and in other environments?

- Are there some types of questions or sub-tests that are often used?

- Have there been any recent reviews on the assessment of general office skills or related topics?

- Who are some of the major figures in the area? (contact information would be greatly appreciated)

- Has anyone seen any particular tools that they would recommend on the basis of their reliability, validity, and candidate reactions?

- Has anyone encountered any new or exciting developments in this area?

Your help is much appreciated !

Thank you in advance,

Pat McCoy, Ph.D.
Ottawa, Canada

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