[IPAC-List] Where were we?

Mark Hammer Mark.Hammer at psc-cfp.gc.ca
Fri May 21 21:11:49 EDT 2010

So, you would think that with all the know-how out there about on-line testing, and specifically unproctored on-line testing, that something like this never should have happened. But it happened anyway.


Abstract: Canadian federal law introduced a requirement for pleasure-craft boaters to have a "proof of competency" card. The exam to obtain that "proof" could be done on-line and unproctored, with apparently no safeguards built in.

Colour me officially embarrassed for my government.

So where *were* we, that this could happen? How come nobody asked us? Reid, you come to town often enough. How in the dickens did they miss you?

Mark Hammer

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