[IPAC-List] Professional recruiters for entry-levelFirefighterexam?

Lance Seberhagen sebe at erols.com
Wed Jun 2 01:53:05 EDT 2010

My earlier comment was directed at the general issue of cheating on
public safety exams, entry or promotional, not Firefighter recruitment.
I thought Joel was asking about recruiters who give improper help to
applicants on entry-level tests, but maybe I misunderstood what he was
really asking. Sorry if I got off topic.


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On 6/1/2010 11:35 PM, Chris Hornick wrote:

> Getting applicants for fire fighter has seldom been a problem in my

> experience. I doubt most departments would need help with general

> recruiting, but recruiting for diversity (targeted) has seen significant

> writing and research of late. If that is what you are looking for, I would

> recommend that you take a look at the report we wrote that is partially

> published on the IAFF (International Association of Fire Fighters) web site.

> It was an examination of best practices in diversity recruitment for the

> fire service. It has some good recommendations and it summarizes and

> references several sources including an EEOC report (see below) and several

> other excellent resources that should be of help. Appendix 5 of the report

> has an extensive bibliography.


> U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. (1997). Best Equal Employment

> Opportunity Policies, Programs, and Practices in the Private Sector.

> http://www.eeoc.gov/abouteeoc/task_reports/best_practice.html. Washington,

> DC.


> By the way, I agreed with what Lance said about conflict of interest and

> ethics regarding training for promotional exams, although I wasn't sure how

> it was related to recruiting for fire fighter. I have been frustrated many

> times with similar concerns to his.


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> Any of the major recruiters will work with this type of mission. Also, if

> you work with an advertising group to shape your "brand" and ad strategy,

> they would probably sign on for this. This type of recruiting is really

> about targeted marketing. There could be a gross screen involved

> (e.g.questionnaire re: driving, record and drug use.)

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> I have NEVER heard of such a thing!


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> Subject: [IPAC-List] Professional recruiters for entry-level Firefighter

> exam?


> Have you heard of hiring professional recruiters to assist in recruiting

> applicants to take an entry-level exam for the job of Firefighter?


> Where might I find such a person or group?


> Thanks.


> Joel




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