[IPAC-List] Computerized Testing

Fisher, James James.Fisher at mwrdgc.dst.il.us
Wed Jun 23 11:44:38 EDT 2010

Hello All:

My agency is required by statute to administer a competitive examination
for all of its 250 job classifications. Many of these examinations
consist of a written multiple choice job knowledge test. We were
recently given the task of exploring computerized testing for the
administration of these multiple choice tests. We know we will only
consider proctored tests. I was wondering if anyone might be able to
provide information about experiences they have had with utilizing
computerized testing. More specifically:

1) Do you use computerized testing for hiring/selection or just
certification and licensure?
2) Did you partner with a vendor or develop a platform internally?
3) Do you use vendor-operated testing centers, your own facility and
computers, kiosks or some other test site?
4) Do you pass any of the cost on to the candidate?

I certainly appreciate any insights the group may have to offer
regarding the use of computerized testing.

Jamie Fisher
Employment Manager
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
Ph (312)751-5172
Fax (312)751-5171

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