[IPAC-List] Criterion related validity studies for Police Sgt?

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The following meta-analyses might be good sources:

Barrett, G.V., Miguel, R.F., Hurd, J.M., Lueke, S.B., & Tan, J.A. (2003).
Practical issues in the use of personality tests in police selection.
Public Personnel Management, 32, 497-517.

Hirsh, H.R., Northrop, L., & Schmidt, F.L. (1986). Validity generalization
results for law enforcement occupations. Personnel Psychology, 39, 399-420.

Hope this helps!


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Does anyone know of any criterion-related validation studies for the job
of police sergeant? Or for a similar first-line supervisor in a law
enforcement agency?

(A search of Psych Lit was unsuccessful.)



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