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Hello Paul,
I believe is a reference and abstract for the Melancon and Williams article
you referred to.

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Competency-based assessment center design: A case study.
Melancon, Sylvia C.; Williams, Martha S.
Advances in Developing Human Resources, Vol 8(2), May 2006, 283-314. doi:
The problem and the solution. Designing a competency-based assessment center
can be an exceptional complement to a competency-based training program.
Although there is substantial literature to assist with the development of
assessment center simulations, literature investigating the process for
tailoring a competency-based assessment center to assess learning outcomes
is sparse. This study is a case demonstration that details the design
process researchers used to design a competency-based assessment center in
order to assess learning outcomes. The researchers used the Guidelines and
Ethical Considerations for Assessment Center Operations as the conceptual
framework for the assessment center design process The design process
consisted of four phases: review, assess, design, and plan. The result is an
ideal model for developing an assessment center that links competencies to
training evaluation and allows for the assessment of knowledge, skills, and
abilities gained through training.
(PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2010 APA, all rights reserved)
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Advances in Developing Human Resources, Vol 8(2), May 2006, 283-314.

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I am trying to locate an article by Melancon & Williams (2006) that
provides a case study on the design of a competency-based assessment
center. I am also interested in input from anyone on the list who has
experience developing competency-based assessment centers for
developmental purposes. I am currently putting together an assessment
center for entry-level managers that will be paired with a training
program designed to develop management competencies. Any expert advice
would be greatly appreciated.

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