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Howard Fortson Howard at cps.ca.gov
Mon Feb 14 16:25:11 EST 2011

Good afternoon all,
I was just reading an interesting survey from DDI entitled "Are you failing the interview"? Part of what they bring out is that we may be doing a great structured interview but are we selling the agency to the candidate. We take for granted that they would love to work for us, but do the top talent really want to? It seems we train all the personality and warmth out of the interview process until we could (and some do) present the questions by video and record the answers to be scored elsewhere on video. My thought is how can we balance the pieces, structure (for validity), training on legal questions (keep us out of the courts), and selling the organization to attract top talent (the missing link?)? I would think if we have interviewers with good social skills (Emotional/Social Intelligence) it should work out okay---just wondering what others think about this. Balancing the public agency robotic interview with a more approachable human side seems like something we should think about.



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