[IPAC-List] MSPB Report -- Making the Right Connections

John Ford johnf at us.net
Fri Mar 18 12:12:37 EDT 2011

MSPB has issued a new report, Making the Right Connections: Targeting the
Best Competencies for Training, that may be of interest. Below is a link to
the .pdf version that can be downloaded from MSPB's web site and a brief
description of the report.

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"This report acknowledges that some abilities needed for Federal jobs are
inherently more difficult to learn than others. It contrasts employee
perceptions of how difficult it is to learn certain job-relevant abilities
with research findings about the actual trainability of these abilities.
MSPB's goal is to help agencies use training resources more effectively.
Employee selection can also be more effective when agencies target
difficult-to-learn abilities to ensure that persons with those abilities are
hired into the workforce."


John M. Ford, Ph.D.

Senior Research Psychologist

Office of Policy and Evaluation

U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board

john.ford at mspb.gov / johnf at us.net

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