[IPAC-List] Bleeding Edge Assessment

Jeff Feuquay jfeuquay at ipaconline.org
Tue Mar 29 17:56:52 EDT 2011

Greetings All y'all,

Awhile back, when I was whining about the lack of exponential leaps is
assessment tools and techniques in recent years/decades, several folks
immediately corrected my perceptions with a number of really fine examples.
We're doing some things that should be celebrated, so please take the
time to do a couple things:

First: Warren Bobrow recently sent out a call for nominations for the 2011
Innovations in Assessment Award. Please get your nominations in.

Second: If you're aware of "bleeding edge" efforts---ideas, tools or
techniques that are so advanced that others might say: "That's just crazy,"
or "That needs to be stopped before someone gets hurt," please let me know.
We've already got a crew pulling together the 2012 Conference, and I hope to
provide attendees with one track that's the IPAC equivalent of the Consumer
Electronics Show---stuff that will both enlighten and excite us with sheer

That probably sounds a bit over the top, but I've already heard from a few
folks who are working way outside the proverbial box. Please, help me inform
our members what the 5, 10 and 15-year time horizon holds for us. By way of
warning . . . might as well do this now. If not, the 2012 Program Committee
will just keep pestering you.

Dr. Jeffrey P Feuquay, IPAC President-elect

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