[IPAC-List] Proposed IPAC Bylaw Amendment

Jeff Feuquay jfeuquay at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 16:46:24 EDT 2011

IPAC Members and Friends:

Please consider the proposed amendment to our bylaws printed below, which
I've asked the IPAC Board to consider at our June 14 phone meeting. The
"organization affiliate" terminology is already in use within APA to
designate partner organizations. Your comments and/or suggestions would be

Those who've been around awhile will recognize that the proposal echoes the
Regional Roundtables that faded away 8 or so years ago. It differs in its
being a more formal recognition of the synergism of an interconnected
personnel assessment community.

Thank you for any comments and ideas that tighten and improve the proposal .
. . or that demonstrate it's a silly idea resulting from my having too much
time on my hands. Your involvement is needed and appreciated.

Jeff Feuquay, IPAC President-elect
ofc: 417-667-5076 cell: 417-549-0997

*Proposed IPAC Bylaw Amendment Providing for an Organizational Affiliate

*to Advance Personnel Assessment through Increased Inter-organizational
Cooperation and Collaboration*

¨Yes ¨No Shall the International Personnel Assessment Council
Bylaws be amended to allow the Board of Directors to form an Organizational
Affiliate Board, by renumbering the current Article IX - Amendments as
Article X, and adding the following as a new Article IX?


The Board of Directors may form an Organizational Affiliate
Board (“OAB”) comprised of representatives of organizations with purposes
and professional principles consistent with those of IPAC. The purpose of
the OAB is to facilitate cooperation and coordination between those
organizations and IPAC.

*Purpose – *The purpose of the OAB is to foster understanding of shared
purpose and to build strong relationships between participating
organizations; to coordinate mutual support and to advise the affiliate and
IPAC boards of directors of directions and programs which will build the
strength and viability of the participating organizations.

*Formation – *The Board of Directors may invite any organization with shared
purposes and principles to appoint its president or his/her designee to
serve on the OAB. The IPAC President or his/her designee shall serve as a
voting ex officio member, and as Chairperson of the OAB.

*Meetings – *Unless the intention of the OAB may be better served otherwise,
the OAB shall meet at least quarterly, including once in person at the IPAC
annual conference. Other meetings may be by teleconference. Meetings shall
be scheduled by the OAB Chairperson for the convenience of the participants,
but normally will be shortly before the IPAC Board of Director’s meeting so
that OAB input can be received and acted upon by the IPAC Board in a timely
manner. The Chairperson shall develop the agenda with input from OAB

*Transparency –* As much notice as possible shall be given of meetings of
the OAB. , and members of participating organizations shall be welcome to
attend, although it may be expedient to reserve public comment until a
specific portion of the meeting. Other than executive sessions, OAB members
are welcome to attend all IPAC Board of Director meetings, during which time
will be set aside for OAB member comments.

*Rights and Responsibilities – *Should an organizational representative
repeatedly miss or disrupt OAB meetings, the Board of Directors may ask that
organization to appoint another representative.

*Mutual Benefit – *The Board of Directors may offer reduced IPAC membership
rates to individual members of OAB participating organizations, and shall
seek reciprocal reductions for IPAC members. Where the members of an OAB
participating organization are organizations themselves, rather than
individuals, the IPAC Board of Directors shall seek fair and reasonable
alternative arrangements to encourage joint membership.

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