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Like Michael, I have significant experience in public safety testing
over the last 15 years with two Chicago area companies that solely
engage in entry-level and promotional testing for large public safety
agencies (police & fire primarily). I echo Michael's sentiments. I been
the lead developer and consultant on over 300 promotional test
development processes and I've never had an experience with an SME
cohort quite that large. I would estimate that the average SME pool is
from 5-7, with a minimum of one (unfortunately) and a maximum of 11.
This would be beyond aberrant, regardless of the test development
methodology. Of course, my experiences have been shaped by my own
guidance and philosophy. Still, I've never encountered an agency that
had this expectation or previous practice (from a prior vendor).

It sounds like your promotional process is being "used" to further other
individual and organizational goals (i.e., motivation, employee
development, rewarding/recognizing supervisors, etc.).


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I did public safety assessment for fire and police for years before
moving to corporate America. I can't recall a single promotional
process in which we used more than 10 SMEs in the development,
validation, and administration process. The more typical number was 4-6
SMEs. I worked with police and fire departments all over the country
including major metros, mid-sized, and smaller jurisdictions. For
entry-level, we often used more SMEs because the scope of the
development effort, but this also tended to cut-across departments.

If you would like, I could put you in touch with a couple of colleagues
who are still very active in fire and police testing who could speak to
the current state of affairs.


Michael Blair

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I have an issue that I hope to get some input on from other
practitioners. To assist in exercise development, pilot testing and
content validation, our police department supplies Subject Matter
Experts from the target rank. These SME's are paid for their time, and
they receive resume credit in their file for their participation. The
department assigns a committee chair (from the managerial ranks) to
oversee the SME's, and the chair is allowed a great deal of latitude on
determining how many SME will participate. That number has been
growing, and now it appears they would like to have up to 20 SME
participate in the current process development. While I have raised
concerns about the efficiency and the potential for security issues
related to having such a large number of individuals intimately involved
in exercise development, I am getting considerable push back from the

department. Our department has approximately 1400 sworn positions,

and in the current process, 20 SME's represent about 20% of the
incumbents in the target rank, and it is likely about 30% of the number
of potential applicants we will have in the process. From nearly any

perspective, it seems like an extremely excessive number. I am

advocating we limit the numbers to 6-8, as in my experience, that is
sufficient. However, since the top officials are more likely to be
influenced by what other departments do than simple logic and reason, I
would like to ask, what is your target number of SME's to have involved
in your promotional processes? Any input would be appreciated.

Thomas Klus

Management Analyst III, Employment Div.

Department of Human Resources

Fairfax County Government




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