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Robert Pfingsthorn Robert.Pfingsthorn at longbeach.gov
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Concur with everyone so far, we typically will have about 5 SMEs for Fire
and PD. Sometimes they rotate out depending on the exam phase. 20 seems
like a hassle.

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> I have an issue that I hope to get some input on from other

> practitioners. To assist in exercise development, pilot testing and

> content validation, our police department supplies Subject Matter

> Experts from the target rank. These SME's are paid for their time, and

> they receive resume credit in their file for their participation. The

> department assigns a committee chair (from the managerial ranks) to

> oversee the SME's, and the chair is allowed a great deal of latitude on

> determining how many SME will participate. That number has been

> growing, and now it appears they would like to have up to 20 SME

> participate in the current process development. While I have raised

> concerns about the efficiency and the potential for security issues

> related to having such a large number of individuals intimately involved

> in exercise development, I am getting considerable push back from the

> department. Our department has approximately 1400 sworn positions,

> and in the current process, 20 SME's represent about 20% of the

> incumbents in the target rank, and it is likely about 30% of the number

> of potential applicants we will have in the process. From nearly any

> perspective, it seems like an extremely excessive number. I am

> advocating we limit the numbers to 6-8, as in my experience, that is

> sufficient. However, since the top officials are more likely to be

> influenced by what other departments do than simple logic and reason, I

> would like to ask, what is your target number of SME's to have involved

> in your promotional processes? Any input would be appreciated.




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