[IPAC-List] Subordinates in the interview process

Jamie Madigan Jamie.Madigan at nara.gov
Tue Aug 30 10:45:10 EDT 2011

Hi all,

I've recently been asked to weigh in on the idea of having interview panel members who will be the subordinates of the person to be hired. My initial response was along the lines of this is fine --great, even-- as long as they're qualified interviewers and the interview guide is well built. The issues of validity and legal defensibility are independent of whether an individual interviewer is a subordinate, peer, supervisor, vendor, etc.

The response back was along the lines that "well, yes, that's perfect for the technical stuff but we want some information on best practices and pitfalls to look out for when involving subordinates in the interview process. How do we gather that information?"

So, anyone have any thoughts, links, or suggestions?

Jamie Madigan
Jamie.Madigan at nara.gov

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