[IPAC-List] EEOC "Discussion" Letter

Mark Hammer Mark.Hammer at psc-cfp.gc.ca
Tue Dec 6 13:30:54 EST 2011


A completely naive question on my part: Is there anything functionally
equivalent to validity generalization that would allow one to assert the
need for a given academic credential because of the similarity between
job X and some other job where that credential has been demonstrated to
be a valid predictor of performance?

Mark Hammer

>>> Mitch Stein <Mitch.Stein at tn.gov> 2011/12/06 12:59 PM >>>

Spotted this in the employment law news.


On the one hand, I agree with the legal interpretation in the letter.
On the other hand, I wonder if this creates an impossible burden on
employers with huge numbers of applicants?

Something not discussed in the letter: if accepting a GED or job
related experience in lieu of education avoids the need to do individual
assessments of everyone who claims they did not get a diploma because of
LD or some other disability. If I were an ambulance-chasing shyster I'd
be out recruiting every high school dropout who might arguably have some
LD I could get to start flooding organizations with applications for
every job that required high school education or higher.


Mitchell Stein, PhD
Director of Research
TN Dept. of Human Resources
(615) 532-8069

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