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I'd love to know of any response you get to this. I am experiencing the same thing in our selection of apprentice electrical line workers.

We've worked hard to develop solid practical skills assessments, have supervisors administer those assessments and report back results, and inevitably, the supervisors' "first impressions" permeate into the discussion and sometimes drown out assessment results.

It seems to me, practically speaking, they need their opportunity to voice their opinions and have them count for something. It may be best to have their feedback incorporated into an appropriately weighted score sheet.


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We (central HR) occasionally get asked by departments to bless "synergy"
interview panels or discussions with candidates. Usually this is for a management level position, and the department wants to invite all employees, or a cross-section of employees, to meet candidates and have either structured or unstructured Q&A with that potential manager. Another
variation: a panel of the existing, equivalent-level managers in that department will interview and assess candidates, potentially picking their next coworker/peer.

The trick seems to be, how do we incorporate their feedback and assessment
into the overall selection decision, while avoiding hidden agendas. In
some cases the synergy panels do seem to reveal fatal flaws. In other cases you get camps rooting for candidate A vs B vs C and everything just gets muddy.

Is there an industry term for this type of interview? Any research or suggestions on how this can be a meaningful part of the selection process?

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