[IPAC-List] Asking assistance for on-line cognitive testing

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Yes. We have exams that will meet your clients needs. I am out of town but you can contact Mr. Hiry West at our office (888-784-1290).

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> And in-person follow-up/verification.

> A client wants to do basic skills/cognitive testing for railroad police.

> They want to initially test on-line and then bring continuing candidates

> in for re-testing under proctored conditions;


> I would think the ideal solution would be parallel form exams.

> Question: Does anyone know of a publisher/vendor who offers this?


> Thanks in advance,

> Harry Brull


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> Subject: [IPAC-List] Goals for "proficiency" in a competency?


> Looking for some perspectives and benchmarks related to the use of

> competency models. My agency has set the (perhaps lofty) goal of

> ensuring that "95% of its employees have the competencies needed to

> successfully perform this job." This is a long-term goal that was set

> before my time, and I'm wondering if it's a bit extraordinary to expect

> that 95% of employees be proficient in all job related competencies.


> I was wondering if there was research or if other agencies/organizations

> could tell what their goals in this area are and how they were set long

> range.



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