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I don't have a list but some considerations:

Reasons you might do open / external
- demonstrates to the public you want to hire the best / open competition
- good way to bring in people with current industry trends and knowledge
- message to internal staff they can't rest on laurels
- if you don't consistently go open with recruitments, there is a
perception that going open with a recruitment is a "signal" of no
confidence in internal or acting staff
- diversity; internal population may be under-represented in some areas
compared to the labor force (although the reverse may be true as well)

Reasons you might do promo / internal only:
- external applicants get peeved when you continually are opening
recruitments to the public but end up filling with an internal candidate
(perception that process is window dressing)
- may help with employee engagement and shows they are valued
- external candidates perceived as not doing well in departments or work
areas with a very strong / distinctive culture (like Police / Fire),
unless you are hiring the Chief and want a culture change
- may be quicker and cheaper to do an internal process

As a general rule, for middle manager and execs we typically do a
nationwide/external process; for public safety supervisors (sgt, captain,
batt chiefs etc) have been promotional; for other jobs we work with the
department, weighing the various factors. I think if we had a default, it
would be to go open, unless there are reasons to not do so. We also try
to not to do too many back-to-back processes the same way...if we did
promo-only last time, we might be more likely to do an open process next

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[IPAC-List] External Applicants

Does anyone have a good list of reasons they would like to share for: The
advantages of allowing applicants from outside the organization versus
allowing only internal or promotional applicants.

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