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You didn't indicate whether this was for public or private sector jobs (or
both), but here's a private sector perspective:

If someone has done the same work successfully for another firm, hiring them
away (even at a higher salary) will generally be less expensive than getting
to that level of success through experience and/or training.

For companies that are changing/expanding, hiring someone who has done
similar work from a competitor can help shorten the learning curve.

Outside applicants often come with different ways of doing things. They may
not always be better, but it does get people thinking about sacred cows.

If your goal is to hire the best person possible, limiting the promotion to
only internals (or externals) unecessarily weakens the the applicant pool.

Hope this helps.


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> Does anyone have a good list of reasons they would like to share for: The

> advantages of allowing applicants from outside the organization versus

> allowing only internal or promotional applicants.


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