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Fri Feb 22 18:46:32 EST 2013

We are working with the Police Department in reviewing their background
standards for hiring civilian employees. Historically they have used a
very structured list of items with specific, hard-fast fail criteria
(e.g., smoke pot X times prior to age Y, you're Ok, but if you did X+1,
you're no good). It seems to apply to all civilian positions regardless
of job duties. We're trying to help on several levels, so any advice or
examples you might have in these areas are appreciated:

- If you have a Police dept, we'd like to know how you handle civilian
background (same /similar as sworn? Is it fairly rigid like above or more
advisory? Does it vary by position or universal standard?)
- Has anyone worked with a Police dept to develop job-related civilian
background standards (or any public sector agency even if not police)?
- Any studies, articles, or legal cases would help (we are aware of the
9th circuit case regarding drug testing for library clerks)


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