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EEOC recently issued new guidelines regarding the use of arrest &
conviction records for employee selection. See links below.


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On 2/22/2013 6:46 PM, keith.poole at phoenix.gov wrote:


> We are working with the Police Department in reviewing their

> background standards for hiring civilian employees. Historically they

> have used a very structured list of items with specific, hard-fast

> fail criteria (e.g., smoke pot X times prior to age Y, you're Ok, but

> if you did X+1, you're no good). It seems to apply to all civilian

> positions regardless of job duties. We're trying to help on several

> levels, so any advice or examples you might have in these areas are

> appreciated:


> - If you have a Police dept, we'd like to know how you handle civilian

> background (same /similar as sworn? Is it fairly rigid like above or

> more advisory? Does it vary by position or universal standard?)

> - Has anyone worked with a Police dept to develop job-related civilian

> background standards (or any public sector agency even if not police)?

> - Any studies, articles, or legal cases would help (we are aware of

> the 9th circuit case regarding drug testing for library clerks)


> Thanks.


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