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Another question might be "can you trust employers or graduate programs
that use FB or other non-job-related information to make selection

A number of legislators are drafting legislation regarding what prospective
employers can ask applicants to provide them.

An additional concern is that searching an applicant's website will likely
yield information that it is illegal to use in hiring, such as race,
religious affilication, etc. And it would be difficult to prove that that
information did not affect hiring decisions, though it would probably be
equally difficult to prove that it did.

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> Dennis –




> My personal opinion is that Facebook is a social media site in the truest

> sense and an individual’s Facebook profile is not relevant from an

> employment or graduate admissions perspective. While I think it atypical

> that a someone in the 15-30 year age range (and climbing!) would not have a

> Facebook page, I would not let it influence me either way regarding entry

> into graduate school or employment. It’s just as likely that they have had

> the “fear of Facebook profiles” hammered into them via the media, their

> parents, friends, etc., so they deleted their account regardless of the

> actual content.




> My observations indicate that student behavior in high school, college,

> and graduate school has not changed much in the past 40 years. However,

> due to social media, it’s more visible and discoverable.


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> Facebook Trust Question? It would appear that a number of individuals who

> are looking for jobs or applying to graduate school are deleting their

> facebook profile. For example, I have a facebook jobs page, but a number of

> students recently have said - "I cannot join because I do not have a

> Facebook page." I am going to assume they did but have deleted it as they

> apply for jobs. So my question - do you trust a person less or have

> questions about them if they do not have a facebook page or it looks like

> they have cleaned up their internet history?




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