[IPAC-List] Psychological exams for security classes

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We have been in a hiring moratorium for Police Recruit/Officers since ~
2008 (don't expect to start hiring until ~ 2015). Police Recruit is the
only class we used it for. Up until the freeze, we contracted out the
psych portion, they administered the Wonderlic plus some other assessments
that may have been more custom. This was after conditional offer.
Unfortunately not sure what the cost was.

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[IPAC-List] Psychological exams for security classes

Good Day,

The State of Delaware is gathering information about the use of
psychological testing for security classes such as the State Police,
Natural Resources Enforcement Officers and Probation and Parole Officers
that carry guns. If you do something similar, would you be willing to
share information? We are looking for data such as the classes the
psychological are use for, if the testing is in-house or contracted, what
psychological tests are given, the cost per applicant and if the testing
is given to all applicants or after a conditional offer of hire is made.

Thank you,

Ann Stewart
Human Resource Specialist
State of Delaware
ann.stewart at staste.de.us

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