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We've used phone interviews probably for decades (typically only for first
round interviews), and in the last couple years, live video interviews.
For the video interviews, we opted for using a teleconference service
(British Telecomm) in combination of high-def TV, instead of something
like Skype, mostly due to reliability issues and all around better
experience for both parties. We have a dedicated interview room with the
connection and TV setup, the candidate typically goes to a site near their
home city (it usually ends up being a court reporting service or law
office). This comes at a cost of around $300 - $350 per hour, plus we
have to set them up through our IT department. We tend to use the video
only as-needed (e.g., the hiring department doesn't have the budget to fly
someone out). I'm guessing we've done a total of maybe 20-30 of these. We
offer the interview date/time slot and explain they can fly themselves out
or do the video (occasionally a candidate will opt to fly themselves but
usually they'll do the video). Feedback from candidates and panel members
have been good, although there still can be a technical glitch in which
case we fall back on using phones. Panel deliberations are facilitated by
HR in most cases for these situations, so we get them to focus on the
objective factors. We've not received any complaints or grievances, but
that may be due to the population and level of job...these tend to be
external, out-of-state candidates, competing for manager-level positions,
who are used to doing business remotely in many cases, and are familiar
with budget constraints of public sector. I don't think I'd recommend
this for lower level positions involving mostly internal candidates.

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[IPAC-List] Using a combination of interview media

Hi -

I have a question about what to do in a situation where interviews for the
same job might need to be done using different "media" - i.e. some will be
face-to-face, while others will be via telephone or video-conference
(because of travel costs, timing, or other logistical considerations). All
candidates would be internal, but possibly from across the country.

Bearing in mind that the (limited) research indicates there may be
differences in how effectively interview information is gathered, as well
as how ratings may be affected based on whether it is a face-to-face or a
"technology-assisted" interview, should we insist that the same approach
be applied for all candidates (so even local candidates would get a phone
interview, for instance)?

Are there grounds for candidates to challenge a hiring decision, based on
their apparently being disadvantaged by having gone through a different
format of interview than the other candidates?

Glen Morry
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