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In the past the City of Columbus as conducted live scoring of candidates and a parallel recorded video scoring of the same exercise with a different board. Certainly there can be a difference in board performance due to the individuals on the boards rather than the technology from which they scored, but as a general rule of thumb the video boards typically score a bit lower. What you're proposing is still live through video tech conferencing so I'm not sure this difference between video and live grading will still exist.
Yoon Soo Park, PhD and Patrick Conley, PhD from the Department of Medical Education, College of Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago conducted an analysis of video vs. live scoring using our data. The results were quite interesting, I could not fairly summarize these results in an email. However, I believe that they submitted a proposal to present this information during the IPAC conference in July. I strongly encourage attendance at the IPAC conference and seek out this session. Yoon Soo Park is impressively bright and articulate and will be able to effectively share the insights they gained through this study. Dr. Conley worked at the catalyst to get this project off the ground and guided in the right direction.
I believe notices of to those approved to do sessions during the IPAC conference are going out soon, perhaps today.
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Hi -

I have a question about what to do in a situation where interviews for the same job might need to be done using different "media" - i.e. some will be face-to-face, while others will be via telephone or video-conference (because of travel costs, timing, or other logistical considerations). All candidates would be internal, but possibly from across the country.

Bearing in mind that the (limited) research indicates there may be differences in how effectively interview information is gathered, as well as how ratings may be affected based on whether it is a face-to-face or a "technology-assisted" interview, should we insist that the same approach be applied for all candidates (so even local candidates would get a phone interview, for instance)?

Are there grounds for candidates to challenge a hiring decision, based on their apparently being disadvantaged by having gone through a different format of interview than the other candidates?

Glen Morry
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