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Maybe we are stingy but our typical panel interview format is 7 - 8
questions, plus closing, in 30 minutes. That includes manager positions
(if anything, the managers go shorter). We may go longer if it's a final
interview or for public safety promotionals, but even then it's probably
no more than 45. Maybe it's just the reality of our political environment
and management team...they want it succinct and convincing, with 1 or 2
good examples, without any fluff. After years of facilitating
deliberations, it's rarely the case that the candidates that do best even
take the full 30, or rush to finish in 30. Note that we don't score or
rank applicants, or even ask for a specific # to move forward. At the end
of the day, we ask the panel to discuss each candidate and reach consensus
on who should move forward in the process, and document the reasons why.
There is usually a natural break at around 2-4 candidates out of 8-10
interviewed. We don't have to nit pick about "that was a 5 point
response", "no, that was a 6."

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[IPAC-List] Time for Situational Interview Questions

Following up on the recent discussion, does anyone have any benchmarks or
recommendations as to how many good situational or behavioral interview
questions can be asked per hour (and answered of course) or put another
way - how many minutes per question?

Does it vary by the complexity of job? So is the time longer for
managerial jobs? I would tend to guess so but not sure.

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