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If KSA narratives are stories related to accomplishments in a KSA domain
(e.g., project management. leadership), they have previously been called
"behavioral consistency method T&E" and "accomplishment records."

See this paper for validity data:

The data are described as Behavioral Consistency. The data are listed in
Appendix A. The uncorrected mean validity is listed as .248. I suspect
that overestimates the validity of the method. I say this because most of
the studies were conducted by a consulting firm known for high quality
work. They likely had ample funding for instrument development, rater
training, and checks on reliability of ratings. I doubt that most
applications of the method are as well funded and well conducted. I have
used this approach a few times and often had difficulty getting rater
agreement on some of the essay topics.

That study was from 1998. If you find more data, I can update the analysis.

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On Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 12:38 PM, John Ford <johnf at us.net> wrote:

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> All of us are familiar with KSA narratives, even though they are less

> commonly the first hurdle in U.S. Federal hiring. They are still with us.

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> Can anybody point me to a validity study of KSA narratives? Or anything

> close to it?****


> Help in this area would be much appreciated!****


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