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Chris -

At the IPAC conference last week, Carl Nagy and Don White presented on the use T&E evaluations. The session was titled "Training and Experience Evaluations: Predicting Performance and Practical Application" and the reviewed scoring methods, validity, etc. I was not able to attend the session. However, knowing Carl and Don, I am sure the content was terrific and you would likely find it valuable. I do not believe the presentations are available on the website yet, so you might want to contact Carl or Don directly.

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I am searching for articles or research and discussion on the topic of increasing reliability and effectiveness in hiring by using increased structure in screening the applications submitted for a job opening. In short, using job-related and pre-determined criteria, a reviewer screens all the applications and determines who is most qualified even to sit for an interview. Besides what I am doing in my own practice, can anyone point me toward some reading material on this topic? Thanks.

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