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Our default length of eligible list right now is 12 months for non-public
safety promotional, and 24 months for public safety promo. Our rules only
specify that we can extend lists up to 36 months, but it doesn't specify a
minimum. Back when economy was much better and lists were much smaller,
we were doing 4 month lists for certain titles (like entry level
clerical), they were going stale that quickly. I think generally the 12
months is meeting staff needs, but if a department has proven they've gone
through the list and aren't able to get a suitable interview pool (or did
a round of interviews and didn't select anyone, we've opened a new
recruitment prior to the expiration of the old list. We've also done a
lot more "working title" recruitments that are tailored to a particular
vacancy, to help address dept needs.

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The District’s enabling legislation requires that the majority of our
eligible lists remain in force for three years. I’d be interested in
learning how frequently other agencies are replenishing lists. Is the
length of your lists effectively meeting your staffing needs?

Adele De Mooy
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
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