[IPAC-List] Invitation to Contribute: Personality and Cognitive Ability Meta-Analysis

Kevin Stanek stane040 at umn.edu
Mon Sep 9 00:20:34 EDT 2013


My name is Kevin Stanek, and I am a doctoral candidate in Psychology at the
University of Minnesota. For my dissertation, I am currently leading a
meta-analysis of personality and cognitive ability. My team and I have
already amassed and coded more than 600 sources providing data across ages,
countries, occupations, and measures, but we are striving to be even more

Our goal with this research is to provide a better understanding of the
interface of cognitive ability (split into specific types, e.g., spatial)
and personality (at the global and facet level), to clarify where overlap
between the two domains exists, to identify where incremental validity can
be expected, and to explore facet-level relations.

Do you have a dataset with cognitive ability and self-reported personality?
If so, we invite you to contribute by sending us the means, standard
deviations, and intercorrelations for the personality and cognitive ability
variables in your data set as well as the mean and standard deviation for
age, % male/female in the sample, and % in various ethnic/racial groups (if
collected). *No individual-level data needs to be provided, so the
confidentiality of all of your clients'/participants' data will be
maintained*. All contributing researchers will be acknowledged. If you
would like to contribute or have any questions, please feel free to e-mail
me at stane040 at umn.edu Note that if your study was already published I
encourage you to check with me, before you run supplemental analyses, to
see if your sample/statistics have already been included.


5th Year Doctoral Student
Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Behavioral Genetics
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
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