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Some might be interested in the chapter by Hogan, Hogan and Kaiser "Management Derailment: Personality Assessment and Mitigation" APA Handbook of I/O Psychology or their site: http://www.hoganassessments.com/content/white-papers

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Perhaps we all know this and therefore it is not much of a point to be made, but my interpretation of the original comment was that it reflects a common issue: not everyone who does well on a test turns out to be a good performer. As some "clients" of my agency have put it, it is not enough to simply be smart. Some smart people can't work their way out of a wet paper bag, or as this quote that I stole from Harry indicates, some smart people drive everyone around them crazy and are generally unproductive.

"Consider the fact that most failures in managerial ranks occur, not from lack of cognitive ability, but from personality issues - self-management, motivation, and interpersonal issues."

Personally, I take this as one of our greatest challenges and responsibilities, to try to minimize the likelihood of having poor performers block the top of eligible lists. Cognitive ability is a clear contributor to successful performance, but there are other contributors that can enhance or detract from that. Finding ways to mitigate the factors that detract is important, and an exciting challenge.


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