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Sun Sep 15 09:57:12 EDT 2013

In a previous professional life I was a fire chief but am now an assessment and selection specialist in Birmingham. I have two things to offer. First, the organization that I work with has been mulling over the idea of offering our services to local business to help cover more of our cost. This might be a great pilot case for doing so on our end and helping a local department by giving them the ability to run an assessment center that they might otherwise be unable to accomplish. This would take some negotiations to accomplish but it might be possible.
The second thing is that I have been working on a personality assessment for the selection of firefighters. It is showing some promise but still has quite a bit of a ways to go from a validity stand point. If all goes well, I should have something useful in another year or so.

If you would be interested in exploring the opportunities of using our facility and process to help you run an assessment center, contact me.

James Tornabene
Personnel Board if Jefferson County
318-245-0866 cell
fireguy5962 at gmail.com

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